Chrissy went out for the day at the national enduro not too long ago.  The photos are in the BJEC folder since it was a shared race.

You can always keep track of what’s going on using the Yellow Wood Photography page on FB too.





January 7th, 2014

New Year, New Challenges

Last year was kinda sleepy for me on the Yellow Wood Photography front.  I worked pretty hard last year getting my other gig, New Nickel Detailing, up and running which left me very little waking time with my family and for running 10,000 miles into the heart of farm country to shoot races.

This year, I hope to be back at it and behind the camera more.  This brings me to my next gear shift.  I’ve been thinking lately on how many times I’ve heard, “your camera shore takes nice pitchers”.   That’s a real head-scratcher.  Heck, I don’t even like baseball!  At any rate, I’m trying to decide how to best sidestep the equipment issue that folks seem to default to when they see a nice photograph and automagically assume that the camera just carries itself out onto the course, configures itself for the conditions, sets up the lights, and decides to git’r’done.

I think that going with a point and shoot may be the most effective tool to use for this purpose; a challenge of sorts.  Can I shoot a race using a simple point and shoot and some lights?  That depends on what’s ‘simple’.  I’m thinking about a Canon G16 because, even though the shot rate is slow in raw (1.4frames/sec), it has the indoor high ISO ability that I can use.  My old 40D workhorse gets ugly at ISO1000 and that doesn’t help with moving subjects in low light.

What will come of this?  Who knows, but you may just see me with a smaller pack this year.


January 2nd, 2013

2013 Calendar

The Google calendar over on the right side is starting to fill up.  As of now, I still lack the Forward Motion (KS) and BlackJack Enduro dates.  MORE, MHSC, HBGP, and NEPG dates are filled in.

November 8th, 2012

Time to Resume Resume Creation

It’s that time of year again.  Get some photos together, hit the MotoTally website for results, and get it all into a single package to send to sponsor reps and post on Hookit or MXSponsor.  I’ve done a few resumes for racers and had some good luck, but it’s hard to tell what the reps are looking for these days or what makes their lives easier.  This web page helps a lot and can help with getting organized.

Good photos that are clear are hard to come by.  I stress to promoters that it’s a good idea to have a pro photographer at the races, but the cost benefit for their pocketbook usually doesn’t come out and the racers miss out.  The real bite in the shorts is that many racers don’t realize they’re missing out until the end of the season and it’s too late.  Putting a blurry photo up on the web that gets 20 ‘likes’ and pads the ego of the person with the camera is one thing.  Putting a blurry photo from a phone or even a DSLR on your resume is a different matter and doesn’t really seem like it’ll help your cause.  If it makes someone’s eyes strain to look at the photo, then chances are, they’ll not look at it.  There’s a big difference between what looks good on the computer screen, or the screen of a phone, and what looks good when it’s printed.  Print out a photo from a screen shot and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Brian‘s software has made it really easy to see your results and your standings.  One of the things that I have trouble with is actually finding the standings links at the end of the year.  Some places make it easier than others.  What I’ve found is that if you take your results link in the url box and insert ‘standings’ in the place of ‘results’, it’ll take you to them without having to search all over.  (see example below)  I try to make it easy for the reps by putting together top-5 or top-10 finishes and in some cases where the racer has competed in a high number of races, I’ll add that as proof that the person has really done the work.

Ex:  becomes

In addition to having a resume and a Hookit/MXSponsor page, you can invest about $100 and set yourself up with a website through  Bluehost makes it easy to buy a domain name and hosting in a bundle and their one-click wordpress install can have you set up and running really quickly.  As an added bonus, you’ll get valuable website dashboard/ftp experience and will be able to use an email address with your website url in it.  I helped a local racer set one up last year and if I can do it, you can.  The hard part then lies in keeping this and your other accounts updated so that your success stays fresh in the mind of the folks who are paying you to do well while using their products.  The part about you garnering great results is assumed.

Get out there and get to it!

May 10th, 2012

BJEC Scipio, OK

The Tulsa Trail Riders recently invited me down to cover their race and provide the racers with an opportunity to purchase photos after the race.  Half of the fun for this race was actually getting there.  With all of the twists, turns, and varied terrain, it seemed like a roll chart and long-travel suspension parts were needed just to get to the race site.  The staging area was great and it seemed like the place was well cared for.  Thumbs up to the TTR for that.  The PeeWee course was the best course that I’ve seen to date for the small-wheeled riders.  The TTR gang really went all out on this one.  It took Nathan Rector more than a few minutes to navigate this course…and that’s saying somethin’.  The big course had a rock or two embedded in it, but the armadillos who were out pre-riding the course didn’t seem to mind.

Brady Meador and the rest of the AA gang were moving along, even in the first transfer section.  Sadly, the bike pictured below was stolen after Brady got home and cleaned it.  I was bummed to hear the news and I hope the bike and the van make it back home.   I hope to get some information in to Trials and Enduro News soon to get the BJEC series some well-deserved press.  If you’ve never been to a BJEC race, get ready for a day full of riding and eat some sort of breakfast cereal… a lot of it.

March 6th, 2012

FMHS Collins 2012

It was a beautiful day to be out and about this past Sunday and Macon Ezell put on a show right from the start.

February 19th, 2012


It seems like the odd winter is almost done by the weather outside.  Some of the local gang have been moving about the country hitting up the big races and I couldn’t be prouder of their performances.  This year at the local races it’ll have a different feel as some different names start filling out the top five, but that’s a good change and it means good things for a new set of folks.

The Forward Motion and Missouri race seasons start around here and I’m busy preparing for it.  Speaking of springin’, back when I was a mechanic, I learned after a bit that no matter how many times you poo poo a Snap On™ wrench, sooner or later you’ll end up loving the feel of one and what it will do.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t get things done with some whoflung-you off brand, but having a tool that won’t slip off of a bolt head and leave you cursing a bleeding just makes sense and can make you money when you’re busy paying rent with your hands and tools.  Last year, I sprang for a new tool early in the season and it worked well.  There’s nothing like working off a (rather costly) dead horse to keep you hard at the grindstone, so this year I tried it again.  This hawg will be out and about in my bag this year and I hope that it helps me catch some of the shots that I have seen in my head, but often missed because my old tools just left me hangin’.

Image courtesy of B&H Photo


September 20th, 2011

Recent Action

It seems that there’s been quite a bit of water under the bridge since I’ve posted any new photos here.  Well, I can honestly say that I’ve been busy.  I have a lot more time during the week now with my little one in kindergarten, but I’ve taken on a lot more work in addition to catching up on all of the things that I had to put off until time permitted.  There was a good event out at Big Springs.  It was a two-day gig with the Best of Kansas race on one day and the Forward Motion Team Hare Scramble the next.  That was Labor Day weekend and it rang the summer out on a good note for most folks.  Here, Tim Wolfe, from MotorCare in Lawrence does his best to cut inside a blast of TT track roost.

Tim from MotorCare in Lawrence, KS.

After that, the BlackJack Enduro Circuit’s Wolf’s Den Enduro took off down in Kellyville, OK.  The promoters took great care of me and I really enjoyed attending my first BJEC event.  I can only hope that there will be many more like it.  They had a PeeWee race and a family enduro on Saturday afternoon and the weather was great for it.  Sunday’s main event was dusty, but the crowd still loved every bit of it.  There were a couple of guys who left on the backboards though, and I hope that they’re recovering well.  Zach Ingram is just starting his day in the photo below.  He finished the day with an overall win.

Zach Ingram

This past weekend, I decided that I’d take a shot and check out something new.  Trials.  The Quarry Cup was happening up in Trenton, MO and I headed that way in the sprinkling rain to see what I could catch.  It turned out to be a great Saturday.  I had hoped to return for Sunday’s sections, but it looked like a good bit of rain was headed that way, so I took advantage of a day home with my daughter; two great things in one weekend.  It took a bit of time and some hints from some Masters and Experts, but I figured out how things worked and was able to be in the right place at the right time…..a few times.  I left the event wanting to try it myself….but then there’s that whole balance vs gravity thing that I have problems with…repeatedly.  The folks out on the course made it all look easy, but I know better.

Mid America Trials Team 2011

This weekend, I’ll be headed for Quenemo for the Forward Motion Hare Scramble there.  Should be good fun.



This weekend is the Bristle Ridge round of the Midwest Off Road Events (MORE) series that the Leivan family promotes.  It should be a good time.

Hit the link for more info about the series.  Photos from the race will be posted at and some will show up on Facebook.

This past Sunday was the 7th round of the Missouri Hare Scrambles Championship series. The race was held on a nice piece of property near the village of Americus, MO. The crew from KTM St. Louis had a nice setup at the race and there was even an actual podium for the top three overall finishers. I arrived about an hour before the start to meet up with some folks and start checking things out. I found out then that the KTM crew had asked the folks at RTS Photography and Design to come out to the race, so I went over to meet them. Lazarus Nunley and his crew were great and we got things worked out quickly. They were going to cover the start, some woods stuff, pits, peewee race, and the podium. This left me to do do that voodoo that I do – woods. Within 20 minutes of leaving the parking lot I had scouted a decent spot and had my equipment out of the bag and ready. I realized after I got set up that it was 11:45, I was drenched in sweat, and I hadn’t had breakfast or lunch. Clif bars to the rescue! It turned out to be a blazin’ hot day and I don’t know that I would have ridden in that heat, much less raced, but there are some tough people out there dukin’ it out for points. My pics can be found here –> Just hit the Purchase Photos button up top.

Dunno what’s on tap for this weekend, but it’s looking like a lot of good stuff and maybe some overnight travel coming up. Heck, there’s even a county fair in town next week!

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