January 7th, 2014

New Year, New Challenges

Last year was kinda sleepy for me on the Yellow Wood Photography front.  I worked pretty hard last year getting my other gig, New Nickel Detailing, up and running which left me very little waking time with my family and for running 10,000 miles into the heart of farm country to shoot races.

This year, I hope to be back at it and behind the camera more.  This brings me to my next gear shift.  I’ve been thinking lately on how many times I’ve heard, “your camera shore takes nice pitchers”.   That’s a real head-scratcher.  Heck, I don’t even like baseball!  At any rate, I’m trying to decide how to best sidestep the equipment issue that folks seem to default to when they see a nice photograph and automagically assume that the camera just carries itself out onto the course, configures itself for the conditions, sets up the lights, and decides to git’r’done.

I think that going with a point and shoot may be the most effective tool to use for this purpose; a challenge of sorts.  Can I shoot a race using a simple point and shoot and some lights?  That depends on what’s ‘simple’.  I’m thinking about a Canon G16 because, even though the shot rate is slow in raw (1.4frames/sec), it has the indoor high ISO ability that I can use.  My old 40D workhorse gets ugly at ISO1000 and that doesn’t help with moving subjects in low light.

What will come of this?  Who knows, but you may just see me with a smaller pack this year.


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