Photos from the Drexel Race in the Park on July 4th are up and ready for sale. It was a tough day for my 2nd shooter and I with the washed out sky and the heat, but we managed to get a few keepers. The temps were on up there and I felt bad for anyone who had to race after the peewee racers were done. Casey, Scott Harper, and the rest of the crew put on a good gig. It was nice being able to walk up the hill and actually sit in an air conditioned space to eat – for me, that’s quite a luxury.

There was a lot going on this weekend at the MORE race. Flat tires, a femur break, tons of ticks, and some fast kid in pink socks. It was fun and I was able to come home with a load of fun photos. Below is Ryan O’neal goofing off during the sportsman race on Saturday. It’s good to see folks getting to enjoy riding and not taking themselves too seriously.

The lovely wife picked up a Samsung Epic4G for me as a father’s day gift to replace my trusty old beater, the Palm Treo 755. Well, it doesn’t seem to want to connect to my computer. I downloaded the driver (then uninstalled it), read all sorts of posts about docking, USB debugging, hold your mouth just right, this that and the other, etc. After an hour or so, I did find one interesting bit of info on one of the forums that worked though – only use the Samsung USB cable that came with the phone for charging. With the stock Samsung cable the phone would come up and I’d select “Mass Storage” only to get nothing, save for the device not recognized error from Windows. I then scrounged up my wife’s HTC cord and plugged it right into the USB ports on the front of the PC – presto fix-o. It came right up with no drivers and worked like a champ. Using the HTC cable was the fix. I assume that other cables would work too.

Note: If your return or search buttons start working on their own, take your phone back. Of course, the person at the counter will try to tell you that it’s not at all common – tell them about this really cool new thing called -google-. Took mine back and switched to regular EVO. Don’t let them charge you a restocking fee for a defective phone either, because they’ll damn sure try.

Sunday was a day off from woods racing for me, so I hopped in the car and headed to Carthage for a day of old-school, big-finned, and sans-powervalve pingdadingdingers. The course was nice and the Playground MX facility was nice and the track was tilled/watered. It seemed as though not having to chase bikes through the woods was going to be like fishing in a barrel, but the daylight and the dust worked against me the entire time. I came home with some good shots and a gear bag full of dirt, but it was good fun and a great way to spend fathers’ day.

Memorial Day weekend found a lot of kids and really old kids on minibikes in a field in Big Springs, KS. The Best of Kansas race was rained out, but the mini bike races and the hare scramble race on Monday ran on schedule. As usual, race promoter Perry Keegan put on a good event for racers and their various-sized entourages as well.

Team Wamsley

The field was humming with the sounds of 50cc minibikes on Saturday and Sunday nights. These guys were on the gas and three wide through the corner.

Minibike Races

Even the intrepid promoter got involved in the fun and games at one point. He endured a power to weight disadvantage and made it through on his advanced skill……and the fact that most of the racers in most of the classes crashed at some point.

We’ll have to wait and see whose name ends up on the Best of Kansas traveling trophy for this year.

I took a little road trip to Arkansas this weekend to give my daughter a little bit of time with the grandparents, and to accompany my brother Jason to the NEPG National Enduro. We rolled in Saturday to get signed up and to catch up with that Shan Moore guy from Trials & Enduro News.

It was a bit soggy in the pits, but the ground seemed to be holding up pretty well. At signup, we got in line behind Alex McRee and his parents. Go to your latest issue of dirt rider and open up the back cover and you’ll see him. The gang from were in the pits and had an awesomeness competition going. Mr. McRee decided to hop on the rowing machine and within a few seconds, had beaten the nearest time by a full 2 seconds. It was a pint full of awesome, but I was afraid that he was going to dislodge the chain in that poor thing. The folks running signup had us through the line with a working transponder and on our way to the t-shirt sales and Muscle Milk pickup spot in short order. Everyone was really nice, but my first inkling that things weren’t going to go so well for me was the map to the spectator spots handing under the signup tent. It appeared to have been written on the back of a paper plate or something that happened to be lying around at the last minute and it had no road names on it. If you’ve ever been to this part of Arkansas, you’ll understand why that’s a bit of an issue.

After a bit of wandering in the pits, we ended up at the Leo Vince tent for a complimentary sound test. Ted Campbell, the company’s US race manager was there with the dB meter and had the bike tested in no time at all. The WR450 was a bit on the high side of the noise scale, so he shot my brother an offer on a new 94dB can that he just couldn’t pass up. There’s nothing like going to the race and scoring a good deal on some shiny quiet parts! Ted’s a good guy, so look him up if you’re near one of the remaining enduro races.

Sunday found my brother and I driving down I-40 in the rain, then onto I-30 in the rain, and then the rest of the way to the Social Hill exit…you guessed it, in the rain. We pulled into the gate and the sticker from the previous day’s check-in had washed off of the windshield. The chap at the gate put a pink one on the truck…said it was the same color as my brother’s underwear… he figured that out, I really don’t want to know. I had planned on puttering about with a pro photographer that works for Dirt Rider, but he had been told that the water was rising and that he would probably need some extra time to get out to the course to shoot. My bro had found another person from his row to hang out with, so he was able to dump out his bike and gear and let me have the truck to go runnin’ in. With a 5 mile ride just to the first special test, there was no way that I was going to be able to walk the course like I usually do. I went looking for the first spectator spot and couldn’t find any sign of it aside from the arrows directing me off of the main road. I ran until I hit a T in the road and knew that I wasn’t going to find the spot. I did see a yellow fence as described in the cave painting on the ‘map’, but it looked like some good’ol boy’s driveway and I had no desire to smell buckshot, so I passed.

The second spot was easily found, as it was marked by a parking lot full of AR Dirt Riders crew and their rides. I spoke with Tom Steel, who was a really nice fellow, and I was pointed in the right direction. There were a few folks coming down the trail when I showed up and one of them was Dale from He’s a great guy who travels around to a lot of the bigger races with his wife and they have a mobile print lab setup in his trailer. We discussed how dark the trail was, the ins and outs of photographing dirt bikes and then we started hearing them. I got my lights set up and began waiting…and waiting. The trail was routed within hearing distance of where I was, but it took a while before anyone made it to where I was. Of course, it didn’t take the rain very long to get to where I was. Thankfully I had taken the poncho that my dad offered because it got a good workout. This was the deluge that hit about an hour after the first riders were off the line. It passed just in time for the first riders to begin coming in and in no time the hotshots from the 20s rows were roosting by. It was really something to see those guys going that fast, in what essentially was, the dark.

I shot until I didn’t hear bikes any longer and after four hours, headed back to the pits. I found my brother over by the scoring trailer and a big bluish mudpile that resembled his bike. It turns out that he had come to his senses and stopped one test short of the spot where I was set up to make photographs. Even so, he was able to finish 4th in his class and come out with no injuries. That’s a good day.

May 13th, 2011

This weekend is the first event of the new MORE series. (Midwest Off-Road Events) Steve Leivan is putting this thing together and it’ll be fun to see what he comes up with. I’m most excited to see just how much riding time the PeeWee riders get. It seems that they kinda get the shaft at the races. It’s not that they’re mistreated, but they get to ride in the truck for the same amount of time as everyone else, but they only get to typically ride for half an hour. The MORE series may be changing that situation. Hit their website and see if it might be worth the trip for your little riders.

April 12th, 2011

Back to My Old Way

This morning I decided to make the switch back to the old way of ordering photos through my website. I decided to move back to the old PhotoReflect setup that I was using and folks started having trouble ordering through it. For the hassle that it provided me, I figure that I’ll just keep the 18% off the top that they were taking and do it myself. The photos are still out on the photoreflect page, so they haven’t gone anywhere. I know switching around stuff like this is a pain in the butt from the customer side of things for sure, but it’s even uglier on the back end.

I’m sure that I’ll have it working by the end of the week. If anyone has any questions or concerns about how/what/where/when/why, please just send me a note.

Thanks for stickin’ with me!

I don’t know how many other old users of Photoreflect there are out there, but I’m wondering if more folks than me are having trouble. It seems that when a customer makes a purchase, they get an error stating that their credit card info is wrong, so they enter it again and try again. Well, each time that they try, it’s creating an actual order. My customers are dirt bike racers and don’t give up easily, so I’m having to refund two or three orders for every one that I take in….and this sucks.

Zenfolio anyone?

March 15th, 2011

What? When? Where?

It looks like this will be the itinerary for the next month or so. Of course this could all change depending upon whether or not I can earn enough from photo sales to get me to the next race.

20March – FMHS – Bolivar, MO
27March – FMHS – Sedalia, MO
27March – BJEC – White Rock
03April – MATT Trials – Excelsior Springs, MO
03April – FMHS – Milford
10April – HBGP – Baldknobber
17April – FMHS – Walters Ranch
17April – BJEC – Mansfield, MO
24April – Kingsville MX
30 April – MWTA Trials 2-day – Omaha
01May – FMHS – Warrensburg 1
01May – BJEC – Leadbelt – Park Hills
14-15May – Race MORE 2-day – Eldon, MO
20May – Kingsville – Night MX
22May – BJEC – Train Robbers
27May – Kingsville – Night MX
28May – Best of Kansas Weekend
29May – FMHS – Big Springs

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