A lot has come and gone since the last post here.  The Forward Motion Hare Scrambles Championship and Missouri Hare Scrambles Championships have both finished up for the year and Black Jack Enduro Circuit will end it’s series this year.  Congrats to Nick Plesa, Kole Henslee, and the rest of the folks who hung in there through the heat and the dust to get to the top of their classes.  We’ll just see what happens with the Zach and Dale show this weekend at the Red River Enduro.

Speaking of Texas, TORO is just getting started and Danielle Slawson has a shiny new 1L plate on her bike.  It looks good.

The Ozark 100 Miler is just around the corner and some folks I know are gearing up for it.  Some will drive 9 hours just to put in 25 miles, but some had better be getting their primary and backup lighting systems tested and in order.  I’m looking forward to watching all of the craziness and I hope to get to stay for some of the night show.  Got some things planned for that and I hope that the magazines can make a spot for me.

I managed to get published without giving my images away “for credit” this year, so I can mark that goal off of the list.  Trials and Enduro News picked up two articles that I pitched.  The Wolf’s Den Enduro and the Quarry Cup were in this month’s issue.  Marc Carpenter wrote a great story to accompany the photos that I shot from the Quarry Cup.  If you haven’t seen a trials event before up close, I recommend that you check it out.  It’s a hoot!

Hope to see everyone soon or maybe at the Hillbilly GP Eagle Ranch race on December 11 or at the Almosta Race on New Year’s Day. Heck, who knows, I might even roll the old KDX to the line some time after it warms up.  Keep the rubber side down.

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