February 19th, 2012


It seems like the odd winter is almost done by the weather outside.  Some of the local gang have been moving about the country hitting up the big races and I couldn’t be prouder of their performances.  This year at the local races it’ll have a different feel as some different names start filling out the top five, but that’s a good change and it means good things for a new set of folks.

The Forward Motion and Missouri race seasons start around here and I’m busy preparing for it.  Speaking of springin’, back when I was a mechanic, I learned after a bit that no matter how many times you poo poo a Snap On™ wrench, sooner or later you’ll end up loving the feel of one and what it will do.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t get things done with some whoflung-you off brand, but having a tool that won’t slip off of a bolt head and leave you cursing a bleeding just makes sense and can make you money when you’re busy paying rent with your hands and tools.  Last year, I sprang for a new tool early in the season and it worked well.  There’s nothing like working off a (rather costly) dead horse to keep you hard at the grindstone, so this year I tried it again.  This hawg will be out and about in my bag this year and I hope that it helps me catch some of the shots that I have seen in my head, but often missed because my old tools just left me hangin’.


Image courtesy of B&H Photo


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